Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Seafood Songs

This week’s “Deep Cuts” was inspired by a Google search.

Most of the random searches that lead people to Why It Matters involve album covers, concert photos, song lyrics, that sort of thing. Occasionally something a bit more interesting makes it through, as was the case last week.  I can’t make a playlist out of “pouch of Red Man back pocket,” but “songs related to seafood”? I don’t know who you are, buddy, but I’ve got your back.

Ready? Here we go:

“Mexican Seafood,” Nirvana.

“Crab Louie,” The Sandabs.

“Fish ‘N’ Chip Paper,” Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

“Letter From the Scallop Boat,” GWAR.

“The Salmon Swims Upstream To Get Back Home,” Ayla Nereo.

“Lobster Girl,” Frank Zappa.

“Starfish and Coffee,” Prince.

“Catfish Blues,” Muddy Waters.

There you have it: Eight tasty seafood songs. What did I miss? I’m listening.






“Rock Lobster,” B-52’s

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  1. “Fish Heads” – Barnes & Barnes
    “Crawfish” – Elvis Presley
    “Pulling Mussels (From a Shell)” – Squeeze
    “Crabs in a Barrel” – Kool & The Gang
    “The Crawdad Song” – George Jones
    “Hold Tight (Want Some Seafood)” – The Andrews Sisters
    “Just Fishin” – Trace Adkins
    “Dead Shrimp Blues” – Robert Johnson
    “Fishing in the Dark” – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    “Catfish John” – Alison Krauss

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  2. Great, now I am starving, and the only thing that will do is authentic crab cakes. Damn that random google search guy! But it was nice of you and Robbo to provide him with hours of listening. Probably while he is sitting at his homemade seafood buffet. Damn you all!


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