April’s Picks: May 2017

There are few things I look forward to. A new episode of Better Call Saul. Something fresh from the Bowie vaults. Impeachment.

Right up there near the top of the list, though, is April’s picks. She always comes through with a depth of breadth of new music that you won’t find anywhere else on the intergooglewebtubes.

So why am I talking? Let’s get to April’s most recent finds:

Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me,” Ron Gallo (Heavy Meta). “You’ll line my mattress with nails, one for every time something psycho came out of your mouth.” Distinctly Sixties stylings characterize this tune. Jangly and beautiful, tight musicianship is the takeaway.

Fun,” Blondie (Pollinator). “You know the problem with you-you’re too good to be true.” Debbie Harry still has it. The title of the song is a blatant nod to the nuance found on the track, fun. Insanely catchy, Blondie reminds us of the early Eighties musical relevance.

Friendship (Is A Small Boat in a Storm),” Chicano Batman (Freedom). “You live and you learn that friendship is a small boat in a storm.” Another Sixties-steeped tune, it is so refreshing to revisit this time period of song. Armed with a beautiful falsetto, Bardo Martinez and his mates offer up a work of art.

Oh The Saviour,” Temples (Volcano). “Standing up like a wild impala, standing down like a weekend martyr: living life at the speed of light.” Quite the sonic journey, the tune kicks off sparsely, but hits you with waves of layered production and intriguing song structure. A psychedelic jaunt that’s light enough for repeated plays.

Mildenhall,” The Shins (Heartworms). “I guess my shoes said I might relate.” A warm, quirky ode to the coherent power of song. Extremely catchy, James Mercer effectively reminds that though our paths are astoundingly different, it is the oneness in music that binds.

Astral Plane,” Valerie June (The Order of Time). “Blind, but yet you see so clear.” A beautiful send up to a questioning human’s curiosity. Valerie’s voice is the star; however her conveyance of the subject matter is also priceless.

“Good With God (feat. Brandi Carlile),” Old 97’s (Graveyard Whistling). “Oh hell no, say it ain’t so. Is it too late to save my soul? Where do the busted angels go?” Opening strains, heavy with feedback quickly give way a frenzied pace, crystallized in the lyrics of a pseudo confession. The brawny chords delivered with gusto pairs well to the vocals and provocative lyrics.

“Cloud 9,” Jamiroquai (Automation). “Only a fool could walk away from me this time.” Jay Kay is back with his signature soulful swagger. A seamlessly delivered kiss-off, so sweet that by the end you don’t even realize you’ve been dumped.

My Emotions Are Blinding,” Tennis (Yours Conditionally). “Tell me one truth worth confiding. Baby, don’t you know my love is binding?” Breezy and light, Alaina Moore’s vocals keep the mood upbeat while the lyrics court some pretty strong conviction.

“Call Me Up,” HOMESHAKE (Fresh Air). “We got a little space between us. I know you want me too, and there’s something we can do.” The smoothness is strong with this one. Delivered in a plaintive tone, Peter Sagar makes soulful electronic music sound organic. I wish this song was longer.

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