Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs For Going Underground

All the good stuff happens underground; well, except for the proverbial dirt nap. When we’re teens we make out in the basement, and when we’re a little older we find some dank cellar in which to drink beer and listen to live music. That’s how I’ve always pictured Hamburg’s Star Club or Liverpool’s Cavern Club, at least. Imagine being one of the lucky few who saw the Beatles in one of those sweaty basements.

“Underground” is subversive and maybe a little mysterious. Before there was indie there was underground, for example–that music that the art school kids listened to while you were sporting your Aerosmith baseball tee. Super villain lairs are underground, too, as are escape routes and subways. Tunnels are underground even at the tops of mountains–there’s a ‘too much dank bud’ thought for you.

I should’ve been living in an abandoned missile silo by now, but at this point I think my dreams of cool underground living are going to remain nothing more than that. Fortunately, I have some good underground songs to ease my psychic pain:

“Going Underground,” The Jam.

“Underground,” Tom Waits.

“Underground,” Curtis Mayfield.

“Underground,” Jane’s Addiction.

“Underground,” David Bowie.

“Underground,” Men At Work.

“Underground,” Urban Dance Squad.

“Thunder Underground,” Ozzy Osbourne.


There you have it: Eight songs for going underground. I’m sure if you dig a little, you’ll find some to add. I’m listening.


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  1. That’s a tough one. Here’s a few related to “the proverbial dirt nap”.

    “Gail” – Alice Cooper
    “Pet Sementary” – Ramones
    “Papa Loved Mama” – Garth Brooks
    “Gravedigger” – Willie Nelson

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