Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs For Our Robot Overlords

Will the droids eventually attack? Yes, it seems entirely possible. As artificial intelligence and machine learning grow in sophistication, the notion of machines taking over seems less science fiction and more inevitable.

So what’s a meat and bone anachronism to do? Throw them a party is my best guess. Maybe our robot overlords love to dance. If nothing else, I’m sure they know the Robot.

Let’s get to the music:

“Are Friends Electric?” Gary Numan and Tubeway Army

“Droids Attack,” Droids Attack.

“Robot Girlfriend,” Big Boy Bloater & the Limits.

“Coin Operated Boy,” Dresden Dolls.

“Teenage Cyborg,” The Deadbeats.

“Two Legged Hillbilly Cyborg Dog,” Three Times Bad.

“Saviour Machine,” David Bowie.

“Anti-Nigger Machine,” Public Enemy.

There you have it: Eight songs to play when the machines take over. What did I miss? I’m listening.


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