From the Stacks

From The Stacks: ‘The Dells vs. The Dramatics’


Can you take a wild guess what this record is doing in my stacks?

“It’s because it’s on Cadet Records,” you’re probably saying. “They were an offshoot of Chess, the legendary label that released albums from Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, and Bo Diddley.” Good guess, but nope.

“You’re a big fan of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers the Dells, whose career actually predated rock and roll by a couple years.” Another great suggestion, but that’s not it, either.

“Well then it has to be the legendary Dramatics, whose ‘Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get’ remains in rotation almost fifty years after it was released.” Cool song, but you aren’t even close. Besides, that track isn’t even on this album.

“Recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, home of Booker T. and the MGs?” Yes it was, but no, that’s not why this album is in my stacks.

“Tracks so smooth just listening to them can get you pregnant?” You’re right again, but that ain’t why, either.

I’m all about that album cover, an outstanding gatefold sleeve by the great Jack Davis, butĀ The Dells vs. The DramaticsĀ is a great, listen, too.

You can own your own piece of Jack Davis history–or your own collection of old school jams from two of the best R&B vocal groups to ever grace a turntable–for about ten bucks. Happy hunting.

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