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From The Stacks: Bobby Helms, ‘My Special Album’

Bobby Helms is responsible for one of the most tenacious and widespread earworms the world has ever suffered.

Come late November you’re going to get hit with “Jingle Bell Rock,” one of Helms’s first, and certainly his most lasting, hits. It’s going to stick in your head until June, like it or not.

He had other hits, too, like “My Special Angel” which kicks off My Special Album. That one went to number 1 on the country charts and top 10 on the pop charts back in 1957.

Tasty stuff.  Helms kept recording until 1987, and died a decade after that. He’s a Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee. But you know why you’re here. Whoo! That album cover! I can only assume Bobby had both eyes patched when he approved this one.

Please join me in welcoming My Special Album to the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame.


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  1. I thought Bobby sang pretty papers XMas song but can’t find it. He’s my favorite but I can’t find it. Maybe it wasn’t recorded but I swear I remember it sung by him better than by anyone else


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