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From The Stacks: ‘Dance Craze’ Soundtrack (U.S. Test Pressing)

This really are 2 Tone! From 1979 to ’86, Jerry Dammers’ 2 Tone Records was one of those automatic labels. I didn’t need to know anything about the artist, didn’t need to know the song–if the label read “2 Tone” I knew I was going to dig it, which brings us to Dance Craze. This 1981 (’82 in the U.S.) documentary captured ska legends (and 2 Tone artists) like the Specials, Madness, the English Beat, and Bad Manners, just to name a few. It was the kind of flick that I could only dream about seeing in those pre-internet days in small town South Carolina. But that was then. Today’s rude boys can enjoy the film anytime they want.



This is a fun one to collect, as there are not only distinct US (Chrysalis) and UK (2 Tone) versions to hunt down, but there are two distinct U.S. versions. Early copies include three Madness tracks, while on later copies those songs are replaced by Specials numbers. Additionally, there are test pressings to be had, which is what we have here today. My test pressing is the early U.S. version.

Dance Craze belongs in everyone’s stacks. Prices vary for the commercially available soundtrack, but ten bucks is probably a reasonable value.  As for my test pressing? I haven’t seen any for sale for years, but I’d guess around 20 bones is a fair price. Happy hunting.

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