Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs For Obsessions

Obsessions fuel–well, pretty much everything. Religious ecstasy is a sort of obsession, as is romantic love (or at least infatuation). You’ll never meet a professional athlete who wasn’t obsessed with his or her sport, and the same goes for famous names in arts and entertainment. As for the sciences: One doesn’t find the cure for cancer by dinking around in the lab once or twice per week.

So obsession in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s when those obsessions are channeled into something negative that we have a problem: addiction, OCD’s rituals, greed, power for power’s sake. When people start getting hurt, including the one who is obsessed, that’s when we move from harmless or productive obsession into malicious territory.

Anyway, you’re here because you are obsessed with music, so let’s get to the songs:

“My Obsession,” Cheap Trick.

“Obsession,” The Godfathers.

“Obsession,” Siouxsie and the Banshees.

“Jack’s Obsession,” Sparklehorse.

“Can’t Stop,” Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“The Girl Can’t Help It,” Little Richard.

“I Can’t Help It,” King’s X.


“Self-Obsessed and Sexxee,” Sonic Youth.

There you have it: Eight songs for what obsesses you. What did I miss? I’m listening.

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  1. “Run For Your Life” – The Beatles
    “Addicted to Love” – Robert Palmer
    “I Threw Away the Rose” – Merle Haggard
    “Reasons to Quit” – Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
    “867-5309/Jenny” – Tommy Tutone
    “One Way or Another” – Blondie
    “Jessie’s Girl” – Rick Springfield
    “Don’t You Want Me” – The Human League
    “I Touch Myself” – Divinyls
    “Every Breath You Take” – The Police


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