From the Stacks

From The Stacks: David Bowie (Laser Disc)

One of the many marks of a true lunatic is the presence of dead formats. Along with my vinyl and CDs, I own cassettes, 8-tracks, 4-tracks, 78s, Edison phonographs, and Hip Pockets. One of these days I’ll stumble across a good album on reel to reel, and then my life will be complete.

It won’t really, because there’s always some other cool oddball waiting for me in a dusty record store. That’s where I picked up this 8-inch LaserDisc containing three Bowie videos from the Let’s Dance album. I don’t have a player that can handle it; fortunately, I can watch those three videos online for free whenever I choose. So why do I need the stupid LaserDisc? I don’t, but come on–how cool is this?!

You can get your own Bowie LaserDisc that you can’t play on anything for 10-15 bucks. Happy hunting.

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