From the Stacks

From The Stacks: ‘Woody Woodmansey’s U-Boat’

What’s a Bowie fan to do when the Bowie bins are empty? Search for related acts, of course.

Drummer Woody Woodmansey’s career did not end when Ziggy broke up the band. Along with bassist Trevor Bolder, the Ziggy-era rhythm section released one Bowie-free album, 1976’s The Spiders From Mars. The following year, Woodmansey formed U-Boat, and that band released the one album that you see pictured here. It’s a pleasant enough record best described as top forty with occasional glam accents. The album’s stand out, “Oo La La,” isn’t a reworking of the Faces track by the same name but rather owes a nod to Bowie’s “Star”:

Woodmansey is the last Spider standing, and he is still out there getting it done. Catch him if you can. We don’t get many chances to see legends live, you know.

You can pick up a copy of U-Boat for 5-10 bucks and amaze your Bowie loving friends. Happy hunting.

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