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From the Stacks: The Eagles, ‘Wasted Time’

Eagles Wasted Time front

I hate the fucking Eagles, man.

I don’t, really, and unless your last name is Lebowski you don’t, either. You might not like the idea of The Eagles–the whole bloated, corporate, radio friendly ’70s rock star thing, or alternately the laid back California country aesthetic. You might hate particular band members or songs, but there’s something in their discography that you like. For me it’s the harmonies on “Seven Bridges Road.”

And if you were a kid during the ’70s, the Eagles are an inextricable part of your personal soundtrack, like them or not. I can’t hear “Hotel California” without remembering watching a friend drown–not exactly a happy memory, but one triggered by the band’s music nonetheless. I don’t have a childhood without the Eagles’ music.

All of that being said, while I don’t hate the Eagles (nor do I think that you should), they aren’t in my rotation, so what am I doing with this CD? Simple: I can’t pass up a bootleg. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever played it but there it sits, being a bootleg.  If I played it I might hear “New Kid In Town,” and then I’d have to break it. I have my limits.

At the time that I am writing this, I’m seeing online sales in the $50-$60 range. That sounds insane to me, but I don’t have any evidence to argue that five bucks is a more reasonable value for this one. Buyer beware, and happy hunting.

Eagles Wasted Time gatefold


Eagles Wasted Time back

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  1. I would have swapped #6, #12 and #13 on Side 1 and #9 on Side 2 for “James Dean”, “Witchy Woman”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Those Shoes”.

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