Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs For Jokes (Or Jokers)

Don’t forget the joker! Back in the ’80s, Rolling Stone announced that stand-up comedy was the new rock and roll. That kind of made sense. Not only did we have larger than life comedians like Kinison, Dice, and Bobcat, but with exception to maybe Springsteen mainstream rock had surrendered its role as voice of the underdog. Except for benefit albums, of course. Eighties rock stars loved benefit albums.

The real similarity is that both music and comedy voice the unspoken, or at least they should, and when that is done well it’s all kinds of entertaining.  Take the Clash and Carlin, for example. And when it’s done poorly, it’s preachy and pedantic–like U2 and Michael Moore (not that either of those artists isn’t capable of being all kinds of entertaining).

Anyway, joke/joker songs:

“Galactic Joke (A),” Cosmic Jokers.

“I Ain’t No Joke,” Eric B. & Rakim.

“911 Is A Joke,” Public Enemy.

“That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore,” The Smiths.

“The Joke Explained,” Wilco.

“The Worst Joke Ever,” R.E.M.

“Joker James,” Pete Townshend.

“The Joke,” Cat Stevens.

There you have it: Eight songs for the joker in your life, but none for the smokers or midnight tokers. What did I miss? I’m listening.


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