Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: April Songs

Only one month has been celebrated by T.S. Eliot, Geoffrey Chaucer, and the Jesus & Mary Chain. The Four Seasons took care of September, and U2 nabbed October. That abba-dabba monkey took care of June, but April is for the poets, and also Sublime.

And now wonder. Winter is finally over, the flowers are in bloom, and the month starts off with pranks. Come on! What’s not to love about April?

“April 29, 1992 (Miami),” Sublime.

“April After All,” Annie Sofie von Otter and Elvis Costello.

“April Come She Will,” Simon and Garfunkel.

“April Fool,” Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane.

“April Fools,” Rufus Wainwright.

“April Rain,” Delain.

“April Skies,” The Jesus & Mary Chain.


“Little April Shower,” The Disney Studio Chorus.

There you have it: Eight songs for the first full month of spring. What did I miss? I’m listening.



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  1. That Ann Sofie Von Otter / Elvis Costello cut otter be cut. It drew me in because of Costello but really? That was his contribution?Deeply disappointing. But then I stuck around for S&G April Come She Will, the Rufus Wainwright, the Jesus & Mary Chain. To be honest everything but the Costello was a pleasure. Okay, maybe not the Disney. Is the For the Stars an album, is it worth listening to if you’re more of a “Veronica” type Costello fan?


    • “More of a ‘Veronica’ type Costello fan” is the operative phrase. Elvis’s discography is insanely diverse, covering country, punk, pop, classical, jazz, and even Bacharach. I love it all (well, I don’t pull out “The Juliet Letters” very often), but I wouldn’t recommend ‘For the Stars’ to a “Veronica” fan.


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