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From The Stacks: ‘Erotica: The Rhythms Of Love’

This is the kind of record that landed a young Frank Zappa in jail.

While living in the desert outside of Los Angeles in 1965, Zappa holed up in the now legendary (to Zappa fans, at least) Studio Z, which the local cops decided was a front for porn. What else do you do with a recording studio in a small desert town, right? They sent a vice cop down to offer Frank a few bucks to make a record for a stag party, essentially a compilation of sex noises. Zappa and a female friend bounced around on some old bed springs and moaned and groaned while the tape rolled and that  was that. The incident earned him a six month prison sentence, of which he served ten days. Even worse: The police made off with all of the tapes in Studio Z, and returned less than half of them to their rightful owner.

How the folks at Fax Records escaped a similar fate for Erotica: The Rhythms Of Love is anybody’s guess. Chances are that back in 1962 the police in San Diego had bigger fish to fry than producers of audio porn.


It’s kind of hard to imagine why somebody would want a recording like this nearly 60 years later, especially when listening to it on the greatest porn distribution system the world has ever known. Whatever you want to see, read, or hear, it’s just a click away these days. That’s provided you have a free hand to click with, of course, but in those primitive days of self-abuse a set of bongos and some rusty bed springs might have been quite a thrill.

If you really want a copy of Erotica: The Rhythms Of Love you can expect to pay around five bucks. Or you can just bounce around and moan on your own bed for free. Happy hunting.

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