Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Greed Songs

Is greed good?

If you correlate greed with ambition then I guess so, but that’s not how most people define the term. Most everybody who isn’t a sociopath considers greed a borderline mental illness, somewhere between addiction and a compulsive disorder, perhaps.

But maybe there are some things that it’s okay to be greedy for: kindness, for example. We can’t get enough kindness. And records. I want all of the records. Gimme gimme this, gimme gimme that!

Here’s a few records from my stacks that address greed:

“Pure Greed,” G.B.H.

“Hatred and Greed,” Ajenda.

“Avarice,” Disturbed.

“Greed,” Godsmack.

“Stop Being Greedy,” DMX.

“Ship Of Fools,” World Party.

“Greed,” Mercy House.

There you have it: Seven songs about greed. You want more, don’t you? Man, you’re so greedy.


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  1. “Money (That’s What I Want)” – The Beatles
    “Gimme” – Alice Cooper
    “Moneytalks” AC/DC
    “Mr. Greed” – John Fogerty
    “The Power Of Gold” – Dan Fogelberg
    “Greed of Man” – Grand Funk Railroad
    “Corporate America” – Boston
    “Money” – Pink Floyd
    “I Want It All” – Queen
    “Material Girl” – Madonna

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