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From The Stacks: Jane’s Addition, ‘Addicted’ (Bootleg)

This might be the best Jane’s Addiction bootleg that I own.

With 67 tracks sprawling across four compact discs, there’s a lot of musical bang for your buck here, and then there’s the packaging. I don’t know anything about the Baby Capone label, but they put a lot more care into this set than most bootleggers do.

The Radio Tokyo demos included on Addicted can be found on official releases these days, but the bulk of the tracks here are from live shows dating 1986-91. Mixed in there are a few tracks from the legendary John Anson Ford Theatre shows in ’89. That makes it worth the price of admission right there.

Pricing this one is a little tough. Jane’s doesn’t enjoy as broad of a fan base as they once did, though their fans (and I count myself among them) are die hards. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a price of 50 dollars on this one, but I could see it going for more than that to a motivated buyer–and less to a casual fan. Happy hunting.


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