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From The Stacks: Blue Magic, ‘Mystic Dragons’

Here’s my question: If you own a minivan and you don’t have this album cover painted on the side, what exactly are you doing with your life?

Blue Magic was a Philly Soul outfit known for their smooth ballads, matching suits, and synchronized dance moves. They had a top 10 hit with 1974’s “Sideshow,” which earned them one of several Soul Train appearances.

Mystic Dragons was their fourth album, and their last to break into the top 200. Its three singles did okay on the R&B charts but didn’t manage to dent the Hot 100.

It’s a cool album, not one that I spin daily but when I’m in the mood it always hits the spot. Mostly I’m into it for that insane, airbrushed album cover and the custom vans and blacklight posters it evokes. The seventies may have been tacky but they sure were colorful.

Mystic Dragons will only cost you 2-3 dollars. Consult your local auto body specialists for van customization estimates. Happy hunting.

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