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From The Stacks: Bernie Green, ‘Musically Mad’

Like many middle school-aged boys, I spent a little time obsessed with Mad magazine.

I had the books. I had the magazines. I even had the board game. My love of Mad was so great that I collected anything that even came close to its proximity. I bought Cracked an Crazy religiously, and if that week’s TV Guide happened to feature a Jack Davis cover illustration I’d do my best to keep the rest of my family’s grubby paws off of it for seven days so that I could stick it in my stash at week’s end.

Mad was already 25 years old before I came along. Mad mania wasn’t even at its peak anymore by my time, though the magazine was still wildly popular. But back in 1959 when Musically Mad was released, that first generation of What Me Worry kids were in the throes Alfred E. Neuman mania. From a marketing standpoint, I’m sure it made a lot of sense (cents?) to get those kids to drop what was left of their allowances on a full length LP.

Musically Mad is essentially a Spike Jones knockoff–classical parodies and standards with ample fart noises, duck calls, and other sound effects sprinkled in.  What’s not to love?

Only ten dollars or so will add Musically Mad to your collection. Happy hunting.

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