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From The Stacks: Milt Buckner, ‘Rockin’ With Milt’

If Milt’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’.

Milt Buckner is one of those great, not particularly well known names in jazz history. The man played with Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton, and Illinois Jacquet, which is cred enough, but Buckner’s big claim to fame is that he was an early adopter of the Hammond organ. When this album came out in 1955, the Hammond’s place in popular music wasn’t even a twinkle in the flower childrens’ eyes. And contrary to what this album cover may suggest, Milt truly was rockin’, or at least swingin’.


Rockin’ With Milt will run you about five bucks, but you can visit this glorious sleeve for free anytime you want in theĀ Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame. Happy hunting.

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  1. Oh, to had been a fly on the wall during the process which led to someone saying – “And this the album cover we’re going with.”


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