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From The Stacks: The Police, ‘Ghost In the Machine’ (Nautilus SuperDisc)

The Police made five perfect albums. How does one improve upon perfection?

Half-speed mastering, of course. Audiophiles have always loved half-speed masters. Mobile Fidelity versions of your favorite albums retailed for twice the price of their common counterparts, and today some of them fetch eye-popping prices. Unlike Mobile Fidelity, Nautilus was a bit player in the audiophile game, releasing only 56 SuperDiscs in all. The audiophile community is split on the sound quality of SuperDiscs, and for that matter their criticisms vary from disc to disc. Nautilus appears to have had some quality issues is my point, but to my ear this copy of Ghost In the Machine sounds fantastic.

You can pick up your own SuperDisc copy of Ghost In the Machine for around $20 at the low end and $50 at the top end, so let’s call $35 a good average price. Will it sound better than the copy you already own? I don’t know. Happy hunting.

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