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From The Stacks: Blondie, ‘Peroxide On Blonde’

Peroxide on Blonde is a 1980 bootleg of two Blondie shows.

The first of these was an August 3, 1978 stop at Toronto’s Mocambo Tavern that was recorded for an FM broadcast. The second is a 1979 New Year’s Eve gig at Glasgow’s Apollow Theatre. That show was recorded for the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test, so lucky for us we can now enjoy video of that gig:

Back in 1980, though, not only did few American kids have VCRs, none of us had access to The Old Grey Whistle Test. It was bootlegs or bust for us, and that’s what makes Peroxide On Blonde special. Sure, you can find this material online now for free, but what’s the fun in that? Listen to it old school.

Bootleg prices tend to vary widely, but I’d say $25 is a reasonable price to pay for this one. Happy hunting.

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