From the Stacks

From The Stacks: ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ (Test Pressing)

Sometimes my impulse to collect things just makes me sad.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with the soundtrack to Every Which Way But Loose. As trucker movies featuring Clint Eastwood and a monkey go, it’s probably one of your better soundtrack choices. Charlie Rich, Mel Tillis, Eddie Rabbbitt — it’s fine, really, but it’s not really my thing. So why do I own this? Because it’s a test pressing, and I found it in the bins of my local record store. I’d never buy something like this online, but in the wild? Heck yes, gotta have it.

I’m a sucker.

The Every Which Way But Loose soundtrack is a dollar bin album, but test pressings always go for more than their commercially available brethren. Let’s call this one 5-10 bucks. Happy hunting.

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