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From The Stacks: Heart, ‘Dreamboat Annie’ (dbx pressing)

This is the one that started it all for hall of famers Ann and Nancy Wilson. Released in 1975 in Canada and ’76 in the US, Dreamboat Annie was originally an indie record. That’s right: Even multi-million selling FM dinosaurs once were indie bands. But with “Magic Man” and “Crazy On You”–come on, the album was destined to be a million seller.

What makes this particular pressing a little different is that it’s one of the two hundred or so vinyl titles released featuring dbx noise reduction. That may not mean much on its own, but those dbx albums were pressed on virgin vinyl from the original master tapes. In other words, they sound great.

You’re looking at around 40 bucks for a dbx version of Dreamboat Annie, but the regular pressing is easy to find for under five dollars. However you buy it, it’s a great album worthy of a spot in your stacks. Happy hunting.

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