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From The Stacks: Beatles, ‘Yesterday and Today’ (Picture Disc)

No, this isn’t the infamous “butcher cover,” though it’s certainly depicted here.

But that’s okay: This version is collectible for its own reasons. This pressing was released in 1980 as a Beatles convention souvenir. The flip side of this disc reads:


Beatle Souvenir Record

Commemorating The 4th Annual Beatle Convention

Sold Only On The Following Dates – August 8 & 9, 1980

Allegedly the content is a live recording of the 1965 Shea Stadium show, but I can’t confirm that–my copy is sealed, and it’s going to stay that way.

So what can you expect to pay for a record you’ll never listen to? About 50 bucks ought to do it, or you can add about $300 to that and get yourself a decent (and authentic) butcher cover. Happy hunting.

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  1. What I find interesting is that this particular cover was “Sold Only On The Following Dates – August 8 & 9, 1980”, the anniversary dates of the Tate-LaBianca murders.


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