From the Stacks

From The Stacks: ‘Battle Beyond the Stars’ Original Soundtrack

Here’s a cool little Rhino collectible.

Battle Beyond the Stars was only James Horner’s second film score but his first soundtrack album. His second soundtrack album, Humanoids From the Deep, was his first film score. I’ll wait here while you do the math on those two sentences.

And I think that was Rhino’s first soundtrack, judging by its catalog number. The company’s catalog numbers (at least the early company) followed a pretty specific order: RN+[Product Type]+sequential number. For example, their picture discs all begin with “RNPD,” their albums “RNLP”–you get the picture, so it seems like a fairly safe bet that “RNSP” was the prefix for soundtracks (though I can’t figure out what the “P” is for).

So yeah, if you’re a Rhino fan or a James Horner fan this is one you want in your stacks, and it’s cheap! Expect to pay 3-5 dollars for this one. Happy hunting.

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