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Deep Cuts: Songs For A Long Walk

I can’t imagine walking all the way from Ohio to D.C. for a protest. Actually I can. I just said that because it sounded like something that I was supposed to say.

For years I’ve dreamed of walking across country Art Garfunkel-style, or maybe the Appalachian Trail Bill Bryson-style. Heck, I’m even down for walking to New Orleans Fats Domino-style.

You see so much more when you’re on foot, both the good and the bad. Part of that is the speed, of course–life isn’t whipping by when you’re plodding along at three miles per hour–but part of it is just proximity. When you’re walking you’re actually in the environment, as opposed to a car, plane, or train, where you’re isolated from it.

So yeah, I think walking across the country would be amazing, but until I get around to that I’ll settle for some walking songs:

“Long Walk Home,” Neil Young.

“The Hardest Walk,” The Jesus and Mary Chain.

“Keep On Walking,” Spanic Boys.

“Music To Walk Home By,” Tame Impala.

“Take A Giant Step (Walk On),” The Profiles.

“Walk Away,” Black Sabbath.

“Walkabout,” Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Walkin’, Miles Davis.

There you have it: Eight songs to accompany your walk for 500 miles. What did I miss? I’m listening.

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  1. “Walk This Way” – Aerosmith
    “I Walk the Line” – Johnny Cash
    “Walk on the Wild Side” – Lou Reed
    “These Boots Are Made For Walkin” – Nancy Sinatra
    “Walking on the Moon” – The Police
    “Walk Away” – The James Gang
    “Walk Like an Egyptian” – The Bangles
    “Walk of Life” – Dire Straits
    “Walk All Over You” – AC/DC
    “Walk it Down” – Talking Heads


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