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From The Stacks: ‘The Best Of the Cowsills’

Do you know The Cowsills’ greatest claim to fame?

If you answered “the theme from Love American Style” give yourself partial credit. That’s a pretty good answer, but if you answered “they were the real life Partridge Family,” go to the head of the pop culture class.

The Cowsills were huge in their time, selling millions of copies of singles like “The Rain, The Park, And Other Things,” which you might remember from Dumb and Dumber.

So yeah, pretty cool but that’s not why this record is in my stacks. I like the Cowsills, but I love that album cover by the great Jack Davis. One of these days I’ll own all of the MAD illustrator’s sleeves, and when I do the Jack Davis Album Cover Gallery will be complete, but until then: What, me worry?

Ten bucks is a reasonable price for this one, but you might find it as low as $5 or as high as $20. Whatever you pay you’ll get a great cover and good music, so what are you worried about? Happy hunting.

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  1. One of my favorite Jack Davis LP covers, and on one really great LP. “The Rain…”, “Mr. Flynn” and “Newspaper Blanket” are The Cowsills at their best.

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  2. You’re probably tired of me tripping back in time to your musical references but … I was 13-14ish when this came out and was positive the park was the park leading down to Niagara Falls, Ontario where we were living at the time. What other park would it be right? We moved to PR shortly after that, at which point I must have been reminded there were other parks in the world. Loved that song which I will always call I Love The Flower Girl instead of whatever the hell fake title you’re trying to foist off on us.

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