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From The Stacks: Bunny Sigler, ‘Let the Good Times Roll and (Feel So Good)’

Here’s one that comes with a little regret. Bunny Sigler was a Philly legend. He might not have the name recognition these days of Gamble and Huff, but without Bunny there’s no Philly Sound.

This album predates that classic ’70s genre, but I really dig it. I’m not the only one: The title track, a medley of “Let the Good Times Roll” and “Feel So Good” almost cracked the top 20 in 1967 (and did, in fact, hit #20 on the R&B charts).

A couple of years ago while I was spinning it, I posted a photo of the album cover on social media and Bunny friended me. Cool! I made myself a note to reach out to him about setting up a phone interview to discuss Let the Good Times Roll & (Feel So Good), writing for the O’Jays, Jay-Z, and whatever the heck he wanted to talk about. Hey, if you’re going to chat with a Philly soul legend, you’d be a fool not to let him drive the bus. When I finally got around to getting in touch it was too late: Sigler succumbed to a heart attack in October 2017.

You can find copies of Let the Good Times Roll in the $15-$20 range. Happy hunting, and call your grandma–she’s got stories to tell, and you don’t want to regret missing out on them.


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  1. Ah, regrets. I’ve had a few but the again, too few to- you get the drift.
    Funny thing about being friended by the famous. Erica Jong follows me on twitter which blows my mind & Ive spent some time thinking about how to reach out without sounding self-serving. So far I haven’t found away. Also, even though she follows me & has RT, I fear I’d be ignored. Can’t handle the thought of that rejection.


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