From the Stacks

From The Stacks: ‘The 5th Dimension / Live!!’

The 5th Dimension haven’t aged as well as many of their peers. There’s a reason for that: The band’s target audience was the middle of the road. I can imagine fans of Englebert Humperdink and Tom Jones enjoying a night out at a 5th Dimension show, where the band’s layered harmonies breathed life into Jimmy Webb compositions.

I personally don’t have any problem confessing my 5th Dimension love. Their version of “Aquarius” is definitive, Marilyn McCoo’s voice is brilliant, and they could be as funky as they wanted to be:


What I really dig about The 5th Dimension Live!! though is its origami album cover. Keep in mind that bands inevitably paid for everything including packaging, so even a simple gatefold sleeve cut into their profit. This complex, die cut, foldout sleeve must’ve really hit them in the pocketbooks, and yet they did it. I don’t think back in 1971 many people were lining up at their local record stores to buy this one just for the unique album cover, so why burn all that cash? For the art of it, I assume, and I respect that.

This one will only set you back five bucks or so, and even if you don’t dig the music what a cool piece of design to add to your stacks. Happy hunting.

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  1. Square but so singable! ‘Up up and away in my beautiful balloon!’ ‘Last night I couldn’t get to sleep at all.’ ‘Won’t you marry me, Bill? I love you so, I always will.’ ‘One less bell to answer.’
    PS 1971: The year I graduated high school. As ol blue eyes would say, It was a very good year.

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