Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Camera Songs

“The camera never lies” is a dirty lie.

Photos rob moments of much of their context. A scream might look like laughter, tears of joy like tears of sorrow. Are those stairs going up or down, and is that a sunrise or a sunset?

And then there’s photo editing software. Is that picture of Kanye with Jesus real or Photoshopped?

So yeah, photos as documentary evidence aren’t always trustworthy, but songs will never let you down so let’s get to the music:

“camerA,” R.E.M.

“The Camera Eye,” Rush.

“Cameras,” Matt & Kim.

“I’ve Got A Secret Miniature Camera,” Peter Murphy.

“Burning Photographs,” Ryan Adams.

“Kodachrome,” Paul Simon.

“Snapshot,” The Art Of Noise.

“People Take Pictures of Each Other,” The Kinks.

There you have it: Eight songs from the canon about your Canon. What did I miss? I’m listening.

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  1. “Photograph” – Ringo Starr
    “Photographs and Memories” – Jim Croce
    “Freeze Frame” – J. Geils Band
    “Peg” – Steely Dan
    “Getting The Picture” – Jimmy Buffett
    “Kodachrome” – Paul Simon
    “Distant Camera” – Neil Young
    “Into The Lens” – Yes
    “Photograph” – Def Leppard
    “Cameras in Paris” – The Fixx

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