Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Heart Songs (But Not Songs By Heart)

I need a Valentine. Anybody game?

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a greeting card holiday, but I always enjoyed it. As a little kid it was fun getting all of those corny cards and candy hearts. As a teenager, it was fun getting all of that not at all corny holiday lovin’.

As an adult–well, it’s just nice being nice to someone for a day. Strip any gift-related holiday of its alleged meaning and that’s what they all really come down to: Think about somebody else for a day, you selfish bastard. And while the reason for that is to strengthen social bonds, the unintended consequence is that it feels pretty damned good to spoil somebody you care about.

So here’s my Valentine to you–a playlist of “heart” songs:

“Advice For the Young At Heart,” Tears For Fears.

“I’m Hanging Up My Heart For You,” Solomon Burke.

“Pain In My Heart,” Otis Redding.

“You Broke My Heart,” The Vibrators.

“Straight From the Heart,” Little Feat.

“Shadow In My Heart,” Psychedelic Furs.

“Rose Of My Heart,” Johnny Cash.

“Raining In My Heart,” Robert Wyatt.

There you have it: Eight songs for that thing you’ve clogged with biscuit gravy. What did I miss? I’m listening.


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  1. “Heartbreak Hotel” – Elvis Presley
    “Devil in Her Heart’ – The Beatles
    “Young at Heart” – Frank Sinatra
    “Closer to the Heart” – Rush
    “Good-Hearted Woman” – Waylon Jennings
    “Heart of Gold” – Neil Young
    “Heart of Glass” – Blondie
    “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” – Elton John and Kiki Dee
    “Only in Your Heart” – America
    “Heartbreaker” – Dionne Warwick

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