Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Animal Songs

Sure, we’re big dumb animals, but what are you going to do?

It’s not like you can stop being human. I guess you can identify as a dog if that’s your thing, but it’s not going to really change much.

So we may as well embrace the fact that we’re broken animals and make the most of it. Use those thumbs to grab a pencil, paint brush, or instrument and make some music. Even better: Grab somebody (even yourself) and make some love.

The fact that we’re big dumb animals doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves, and what’s more enjoyable than a good playlist?

“Animal Crackers,” Melanie.

“I Am An Animal,” Pete Townshend.

“Concrete Animals,” Shonen Knife.

“Animal Boy,” The Ramones.

“Animal Farm,” The Kinks.

“Animals,” Talking Heads.

“Hot Animal Machine II,” Rollins Band.

“Man Or Animal,” Audioslave.

There you have it: Eight songs about our friends without thumbs. What did I miss? I’m listening.

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