From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Julius Brockington, ‘Sophisticated Funk’

I don’t know why Julius Brockington’s Sophisticated Funk hasn’t achieved Meters-like status. It’s an album that is infinitely sample-able, and has been by a few artists, but it deserves cult status based solely on its own merits, too. Some of the albums tracks are full blown stank-face funky, like this run through of Isaac Hayes’s “Do Your Thing” from the Shaft soundtrack.

Come on! If that doesn’t belong in your power rotation, what does?

This 1972 record and its follow-up, The United Chair, are it for Brockington’s solo work; however, he did record some gospel music later in his career, and he appeared as a side man on a few records, too.

Sophisticated Funk will run you around 20 bucks if you can find a copy. If you like it funky, you won’t be disappointed. Happy hunting.

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