Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Lucky Songs

Finding a butcher cover in a stack of garbage is pretty damned lucky, or is it? We tend to chalk up to luck many experiences that  are cultivated over a long period of time. Of course there was an element of chance, but that “overnight” music success worked on his or her craft since childhood. That famous actor who “got lucky” spent years networking, going on auditions, performing in cruddy local theater, on and on.

But how does this apply to finding a rare Beatles record in a box of junk? Surely that’s pure luck, an entirely chance occurrence, right? Well, no. I didn’t know what to look for purely at random–I’d done my homework. I didn’t just happen to be in the right place at the right time–I spend a bunch of hours in that particular record store. An element of chance certainly was in play–nobody else finding it first, me arriving at the store before the garbage records were tossed, etc.–but at best my experience was “cultivated luck.”

And you weren’t lucky when you landed on this playlist of lucky songs. You’re either a regular visitor or you Googled “songs about luck” or some such. That being said, we’re all pretty lucky these songs are so awesome, aren’t we?

“Mr. Lucky,” The Amazing Royal Crowns.

“Lucky,” The Dead Milkmen.

“Lucky Man,” Bruce Springsteen.

“You Threw A Lucky Punch,” Gene Chandler.

“Just Got Lucky,” JoBoxers.

“Your Lucky Day In Hell,” Eels.

“Lucky Day,” Tom Waits.

“I’m Just A Lucky So and So,” Chuck Berry.


There you have it: Eight songs to listen to while rubbing your rabbit’s foot. What did I miss? I’m listening.

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