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From The Stacks: The Kickstands, ‘Black Boots and Bikes’

If you dig surf and hot rod music but you want to stray off the narrow road of Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and Dick Dale, this is the record for you.

There wasn’t really a band named The Kickstands (though there is now, so don’t confuse the two). Black Boots and Bikes was a quick cash in on the hot rod genre, which was plenty hot in 1964. The record features top session men and songs written by Gary Usher and Roger Christian, who penned a lot of tunes in the genre. The result is a pleasing if unsurprising collection of songs that would be right at home backing up Frankie and Annette during a montage.

This is the kind of record that you used to find in the dollar bins, but nostalgia and new collectors seem to have put an end to that. Black Boots and Bikes fetches close to 20 bucks online, but I’m willing to bet you can find it in your local store’s bins for a five spot. You’ll get a lot of sax, reverb, and hand claps for that Lincoln. Happy hunting.

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  1. Now….if you read all of the titles together in an indignant politicians voice, you could have a rousing sentence from a Democratic OR Republican contender. It didn’t roll right out like the preachers one, but but I got a halfway decent bullshit stump speech out of it. 😊

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