Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Spring Songs

Spring is the bee’s knees, and not just because the arrival of spring means there’s more bees’ knees flying around. If you live somewhere miserably cold, spring marks your delivery from a wintery nightmare. If you live somewhere hot, the season provides the last moderate temperatures for a while. Gardeners look forward to getting their hands dirty again, while allergy sufferers curse the blooming landscape. And it’s pretty, too.

It’s the blooms that make spring such an attractive season for the arts. All that new life symbolizes fertility, after all. But as much as rock and soul artists love talking about sex, musicians in both genres rarely turn to spring metaphors–at least not the bands in my stacks. Below you’ll see that most of the spring songs in my playlist come from jazz and new age types, though you might find a surprise or two in this playlist:

“Springtime In Africa,” Duke Ellington.

“Spring Is Here,” Miles Davis.

“Smokeytime Springtime,” The Doves.

“Some Other Spring,” Billie Holiday.

“Spring Buds,” Michael Hedges.

“Nature Springs,” The Good, the Bad, and the Queen.

“Spring Haze,” Tori Amos.

“Spring Water At Jerry’s Run,” Malcolm Dalglish.

There you have it: Eight songs about the pollen season. What did I miss? I’m listening.


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