From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Osibisa (Self-Titled)

You may not have heard of Osibisa, but I bet your recognize that album cover. Well, probably not that album cover, but something about it looks awfully familiar to you.

Over 15 years before Paul Simon discovered diamonds in the soles of his shows, Ghana’s Osibisa had relocated to London and brought what would become known as World Music with them. Their debut album is a Hometown Buffet of sounds and influences, but unlike Hometown Buffet it’s actually tasty:

The artwork on this, their self-titled debut, and its follow up, 1971’s Woyoya, was painted by the great Roger Dean of Yes album cover fame, but Dean’s first Yes collaboration came one year after Osibisa. (Note: This album cover is one of many that Dean created prior to Yes’s Fragile.) It’s bold and beautiful, and the illustrator’s flying elephants became something of an Osibisa trademark.

Prices on Osibisa are all over the place, but ten bucks is fair. It’s a great album, and an essential addition to your Roger Dean album cover collection. Happy hunting.

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