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Cheesecake Cover of the Week: Harry Kaapuni, ‘Aloha Hawaii’

Artist: Harry Kaapuni & His Royal Polynesians

Title: Aloha Hawaii

Year: 1960

Label: Coronet

Cover Design: Unknown, assumed in-house art department


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  1. Amazingly accurate!

    You’ve been to Hawaii, as have I, and scantily clad blue-eyed blond haired women are catwalk-posing behind bushes EVERYwhere, omg. They’re one of Hawaii’s best known natural phenomenons, even more so than the many waterfalls and Lava Springs.

    But did you know they finally outlawed hunting them? Yeah, the blue-eyed blond white girl in the bushes was teetering on the brink of extinction.

    I think it is one of the greatest things the Trump administration has done – save the white girls. 👩

    Only Fox News is allowed to hunt them, and even that has been severely restricted to using only a net, and then carefully depositing them on the couch of “Fox and Friends.”

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