From The Stacks: Brian May, ‘Return To Eden’

So you’re a big Queen fan, but you don’t have this soundtrack by the great Brian May. What gives?

If your answer was “the Brian May who composed the music for Return To Eden isn’t the same Brian May whose Afro towered over the diminutive Freddie Mercury,” congratulations–you really are a big Queen fan.

This Brian May was an Aussie, and he’s much better known for his scores for Mad Max and The Road Warrior than his work for the Australian miniseries Return To Eden. Unfortunately, May the film composer passed away at the relatively young age of 62 back in 1997, but not without leaving behind a good sized body of work.

So when you hit the bins of your local record store, be sure which Brian May you’re asking for. Weird Al Yankovic fans never have this problem. Happy hunting.

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