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From The Stacks: The Who, ‘Perfect Collections’

Collect a band’s records long enough and you’ll eventually run out of records to collect. The Who, for example, only released 11 studio albums over a 41 year period. None of them are rare, and all of them are affordable. You can complete The Who’s studio collection without breaking a sweat.

They’ve dropped an additional 16 live albums, a few soundtracks and EPs, and then of course each member released solo albums. That will keep you busy record hunting for a little while longer.

Once all of those have been purchased the true completist goes for the 26 compilations, though the only one you really need is the Thirty Years of Maximum R&B box set, and then what?  Bootlegs and imports, of course, and this Japanese compilation is a great place to start. Perfect Collections doesn’t contain any songs you don’t already have, and it isn’t really a perfect collection though it’s a pretty good one, but it’s cool and it’s affordable. A copy like mine, which is in good condition but is missing its Obi strip, will only set you back about 20 bucks. Happy hunting.


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