From the Stacks

From The Stacks: David Bowie, ‘Love You Till Tuesday’

Bowie’s pre-fame recordings have been repackaged many times, so why bother with this one?

Released in 1984, Love You Till Tuesday accompanies the 1969 promotional film of the same title. The movie was shot with the intention of showcasing Bowie’s considerable talents. Unfortunately, MTV didn’t debut until 1981, so it didn’t do much to help the young artist’s career. But in 1984 the Dame was a superstar whose name was guaranteed to ship a few thousand VHS and LP copies, so hey, why not cash in?

The best song on the album also happens to be the greatest Bowie song you’ve never heard, “Let me Sleep Beside You,” but the big novelty for most folks is the original version of “Space Oddity”:

Overall, Love You Till Tuesday is an album for completists. Hardcore fans have all of these tracks on other compilations, and casual fans are just going to be confused by songs like “When I’m Five” and “The Laughing Gnome.” It’s still cool, though, but what Bowie album isn’t?

This is a ten dollar record, but don’t be surprised to find a $20 price tag on it. Happy hunting.

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