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From The Stacks: The Grass Roots, ‘Let’s Live For Today’

The Grass Roots were a cool enough band, and “Let’s Live For Today” was their highest charting single. You might not recognize the title, but you’ll recognize that Summer of Love hippy dippy chorus:

While the title track went top 10 in 1967, the album of the same name barely cracked the top 100, peaking at #75. I dig it, but I like all of that psychedelic stuff. As a kid I was sure that I was born too late–that my pop culture era overlapped with my toddler years. No love beads and sitars for me.

Anyway, my guess is that what most pop culture consumers of the last 15 years find interesting about Let’s Live For Today isn’t its sha-la-la’s but rather that sunglass obscured punum tucked behind the flowers on the album’s cover. Yep, that’s Creed Bratton, as in “Creed from The Office.” Bratton was only one of many who spent time in the Grass Roots lineup, but he’s the only one with a Dunder-Mifflin check stub.

Want your own piece of Creed memorabilia? Expect to pay around five bucks. Happy hunting.

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  1. Oh. My. God – I rocked this album (probably belonged to my older brother and somewhere in the divorce, it wound up at my…..grandmothers?) yes, at my grandmothers house when I was all of ten years old. I mean, I spun that record non-stop. How my grandparents didn’t have a nervous breakdown, I’ll never know. Maybe they wore earplugs.

    BUT – I just played it for Tomás, and that little 10-year-old’s memory remained intact – we were just now sitting on the bed, and the words came back effortlessly and I was totally rocking, while Tomás shook his head and said “nope, no memory of this one.” He is a little surprised, because besides you, he is the king of obscure hits, but…..not only did I get one today, it is still a favorite song, I admit it. As hippy dippy as it is, I don’t care. I just got to be 10 years old again. 😊


    • Also, it is really strange to realize that I went from a floppy, happy dorky kid rockin’ it in grammas den, to only five years later dropping acid daily, living on a Venice walkstreet, and painting my face like David Bowie on Alladin Sane to head on down to the beach, blazing in the sun and surf and truly not worrying about tomorrow.


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