Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Million Songs (But Not A Million Songs)

A couple of days ago I heard a couple of old guys talking over a diner table.

“A guy comes to you and he says that you can have a million dollars tax-free, but you’ll only live another year,” one of the men said. “Or, you can have $500,000 and live another five years. Which do you choose?”

“Huh? The waiter’s here?” the other old man said.

“No, no,” his friend said, and he repeated his hypothetical scenario.

“Oh, I’ll take the million dollars.”

“What? You’d take the mil even though you’ll only live for one year?”

“Huh? What was the other option?”

“Five hundred grand and you live another five years.”

“Oh, yeah. I’d take that one.”

That’s a pretty boring story, but it demonstrates that the lure of “one million” remains strong.

Anyway, million songs:


“You’re A Million,” The Raincoats.

“One of the Millions,” XTC.

“Nine Million Rainy Days,” The Jesus & Mary Chain.

“Millionaires Against Hunger,” The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“A Million Miles Away,” The Plimsouls.

“A Million Miles,” Heart.

“I’d Wait A Million Years,” The Grass Roots.

“A Million To One,” Jimmy Charles.

There you have it: Eight songs about a million. Only 999,992 to go. What did I miss? I’m listening.

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