From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Osaka Popstar, “Shaolin Monkeys” (Shape Disc)

Osaka Popstar might be the least known supergroup in music history.

Founder and lead singer John Cafiero might be best known as the director of Big Money Hustlas, the juggalo-tastic Insane Clown Posse movie, but over the years Osaka Popstar has counted some punk rock royalty among its members. Marky Ramone did some time behind the drum kit, for example, and Black Flag’s Dez Cadena played guitar for the band. The Misfit’s Jerry Only played bass for a while, and Ivan Julian from the legendary Voidoids played guitar for a bit, too.

It’s a fun band, kind of like a punk rock Gorillaz, and so its no surprise that in 2008 they dropped this cool shape disc for their single, “Shaolin Monkeys.” They even put together a little website that features additional artwork.

Expect to pay in the 5-10 dollar range for this one, or you can buy one brand new directly from Misfits Records for 16 bucks. Happy hunting.

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