From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Bram Tchaikovsky, “I’m the One That’s Leaving” (Picture Disc)

Is Bram Tchaikovsky a forgotten band? Well, the official YouTube clip for “I’m the One That’s Leaving” has been up for over year and it has only attracted 45 views, so you be the judge. That’s really a shame because the band, named for their pseudonymous leader, created some seriously tasty power pop during their three run. If you’re looking for a bridge between the poppy harmonies of Rubber Soul era Beatles and R.E.M.’s jangle pop ’80s, “Im the One That’s Leaving” is your huckleberry.

Peter Bramall, aka Bram Tchaikovsky, dropped out of sight after the band broke up in 1981. I wonder if he ever regrets that decision. If he held on just a couple of years longer, his band may have been one of the biggest of the decade. I guess it just doesn’t pay to be ahead of your time.

And speaking of not paying, you can pick up your own “I’m the One That’s Leaving” picture disc for a dollar or less. Happy hunting.

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