From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Iggy Pop, ‘Cold Metal’ (Picture Disc)


David Bowie is legendary for reinventing himself, a trait he shared with his good buddy Iggy Pop. Jim Osterberg’s extensive discography includes proto-punk, post-punk, pop, French pop, metal–you name it, Iggy’s done it.

But the flavor of the month in 1988 was hair metal, so Iggy teamed up with former Sex Pistol guitarist Steve Jones and recorded Instinct. The record sounded derivative when it was released, and 30 years haven’t made it sound any fresher. Cock rock, at least to my ear, was a musical trend Iggy should have let pass him by.

But I’m an Iggy completist so Instinct has a spot in my stacks, as does this 12-inch picture disc of the album’s single, “Cold Metal.” This one will cost you in the 5-8 dollar range, but you can find the whole Instinct album for the same price if you’re lucky. Happy hunting.

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