From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Ace Frehley, “Into the Night”

Here’s a record you don’t need, unless you’re a KISS collector. Then you totally need it. Ace Frehley was KISS as far as some fans were concerned, at least that’s what sales of the four 1978 solo albums suggested. Ace’s LP enjoyed the best sales figures, and he was the only one of the four band members to rack up a hit single–the Russ Ballard-penned “New York Groove.”

So when Ace split with his costumed bandmates in 1982, quite a few fans drifted away from the KISS camp. Five years passed before his much anticipated return with Frehley’s Comet. The record’s single, “Into the Night,” was another Russ Ballard tune, but without the four on the floor beat and Bo Diddley rhythm that made “New York Groove” so catchy. Rather, “Into the Night” sounds like the kind of song you might hear in a bad ’80s movie, which is no surprise given that Ballard’s original version was featured in an episode of Miami Vice.

What makes this copy of “Into the Night” a bit unique is that it’s a double a-sided promotional copy. The commercially available single featured “Fractured Too” on the b-side, an instrumental sequel to “Fractured Mirror.” It also featured a picture sleeve, so maybe that’s the copy you want, I don’t know. Buy both and delight your KISS-loving friends with your Ace singles collection.

Both this promo copy of “Into the Night” and its picture-sleeved commercial brethren will cost you somewhere in the 5-8 dollar range. Happy hunting.

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