From the Stacks

From The Stacks: The Fabulous Poodles, ‘Mirror Stars’ (Colored Vinyl)

The Fabulous Poodles were one of those great bands that didn’t quite make it. Don’t get me wrong: They had plenty of success during their brief run, including opening for the Ramones and Tom Petty, but 40 years later they’re pretty much remembered only by old guys like me. Your local record store bins are packed with bands like the Poodles, who only recorded three studio albums–bands that don’t deserve to be forgotten but just weren’t together long enough, didn’t get enough airplay, etc. to become canonical.

Mirror Stars was the band’s U.S. debut, but it was comprised entirely of material that appeared on their first two U.K. albums. Their self-titled 1977 debut was produced by Who bassist John Entwistle. The Ox played on a few tracks on that record, including “Cherchez La Femme,” which popped up again on Mirror Stars.

The album’s sleeve, designed by the legendary Hipgnosis, served as the cover of the band’s second album, Unsuitable. I guess given the cost, cool factor, and the fact that Unsuitable wasn’t available in the U.S., reusing the cover art made good sense.

The Poodles put out one more album, 1979’s Think Pink before calling it quits. Drummer Bryn Burrows went on to Freur (“Doot Doot”) and Underworld (“Underneath the Radar”) fame.

Expect to pay around five dollars for a colored vinyl copy of Mirror Stars, and maybe 2-3 bucks for its black vinyl counterpart. Happy hunting.

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