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From The Stacks: ‘The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas’

Horrible family photos aren’t limited to your friends and neighbors. Back in ’69, Frank Sinatra rounded up his kids–at least the ones he knew about–for a matching outfit Christmas snap and accompanying album. It’s not a particularly good album, but is any Christmas album really good? Most of the tracks here feature the full family or some combination of the kids, but there are a couple of solo cuts from the Chairman, including the Jimmy Webb-penned “Whatever Happened To Christmas”:

Cheesy as a Hickory Farms gift box, but there’s no arguing that voice. This one is a pretty common dollar bin find, but you might find it priced in the 2-3 dollar range. Happy hunting.

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  1. You see a lot of family portraits where everyone is dressed in white. Sometimes the results are great and sometimes not. This is not.

    PS I opted to spend my 21st birthday in Vegas at a Frank Sinatra concert so I’m a fan. Still have some Ol blue eyes vinyl but not the machine to play them on. If I get a craving I can always create a Sinatra channel on Pandora. And that, my friend, to your more finely tuned ears, must horrible.

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  2. It was very Vegas, very 70’s. We were eating in the hotel cafe before the show & saw Joey Heatherton sharing a booth with Sonny. After the show we got picked up by a couple of high rollers at the craps table. We went with them to the Sands to see Jerry Van Dyke where they gave the maitre d’ some cashola to move a table up front right in the middle of poor Jerry’s lounge act. When they invited us over to their hotel, we ditched them in the parking lot and ran for our lives.


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