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Deep Cuts: Cartoon Songs

cartoon songs So I didn’t con my way into a gig working with an animator. All I could do was get out my Acme catalog and cook up another scheme, preferably something involving rocket skates.

I could’ve gone a few ways with this playlist: songs by cartoon bands like The Archies and Gorillaz; classic cartoon music by Carl Stalling; cartoon theme songs. Songs by artists that have become cartoon characters would’ve been interesting: KISS, Alice Cooper, Korn, Mama Cass….

Anyway, I went for songs that were somehow about cartoons. Here we go:

“Cartoon Savior,” Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Snakes. This is such a perfect interpretation of an ’80s hair metal cut that I’m not sure whether it’s sincere or a parody. We have crunchy riffs, lots of hair, and a televangelist. Rawk!

“Strip Cartoon,” Jethro Tull. Grammy fallout be damned. I’ve always liked Jethro Tull. Ian Anderson writes interesting songs, has a great voice, and knows how to work a stage.

“Comic Strip,” Serge Gainsbourg & Brigette Bardot. How sexy is this? Seven. It is seven sexy.

“Mickey Mouse,” Sparks. A favorite band from my teenaged stacks. The Mael brothers looked like the Stones’ tour bus crashed into a Devo show.

“Charlie Brown,” The Coasters. Not a deep cut, but come on. How could I do cartoons and leave out this nugget? Besides, check out young Dick Clark. Cool!

“I Wanna be a Flintsone,” Screaming Blue Messiahs. Honestly, I hate this song. I loved the first Screaming Blue Messiahs album and was so disappointed with its “yabba dabba do time” follow up.

“Animate,” Rush. Okay, they probably didn’t mean “animate cartoons.” Work with me here.

“(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman,” The Kinks. Superman is his own playlist, and I’m sure that will happen somewhere down the road. For today, though, let’s just stick with The Kinks.

“Heavy Metal,” Sammy Hagar. There are two eponymous songs in the film Heavy Metal, this one and the title cut by Don Felder. I think I was in the ninth grade when the movie came out, and I managed to work up Felder’s version on my shitty guitar with the warped neck. So of course I was bragging about my accomplishment at school, and a dude named Jay overheard me. Jay sported a Randy Rhoads ‘do and owned a Flying V. “Man, you figured that out? That song is tough,” he said.

“It’s not that hard,” I said.

“Seriously? That riff hurts my hand. Sammy Hagar can fucking jam.”

“No, I figured out the other one.”

“You’re bragging about that? That song is easy. EASY. My dog could play that.”

Anyway. Sammy’s holds up well.

So what cartoon songs have I missed–perhaps one that you’re royally guarding? I’m listening.

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  1. “Magneto and Titanium Man” – Wings
    “Captain America” – Jimmy Buffett
    “Superman’s Song” – Crash Test Dummies
    “Flash” – Queen
    “Nobody Loves the Hulk” – The Traits


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